The cosmetic of breasts

Take care of your breasts is a sign of high self-esteem; you should acquire the habit of taking care of your breasts as part of your daily routine, consent your body providing it special treatments and care will help to prevent further health issues.

In the same way that you take care of your breasts you should also take care of areas such as neck and cleavage since they are sensitive zones which tend to dry out easily. You should look for products based on natural ingredients which are also rich on regenerative elements. It is very important for you to look for the advice of a dermatologist in order to prevent allergic or negative reactions.

Vitamin E is an ally of skin since this element fights against free radicals. Vitamin A (also known as Retinol) in combination with Ceramides, help to stimulate cellular activity which is imperative for tissue regeneration process. It is recommended then to seek for products which contain Retinol and Ceramides on their formula. Collagen is an element that helps to keep skin elastic, turgid, soft and hydrated, it is a protein and it is the main organic component of connective tissue.

Another issue that can affect breasts health is the stretch marks which appear when the woman experiences sudden weight changes. There can be found on the market products especially formulated in order to prevent or fight against the appearance of stretch marks by means of hydrating the skin at very deep levels, restoring to skin elasticity and resilience.

You should exfoliate the skin of your breasts at least once each month with a product that is able to refine and soften your skin. Every couple of months you can have a professional peeling to remove death cells and therefore allow your skin to absorb in a better way the cosmetic products that you apply to it.

The following routine is recommended for you to keep your breasts beautiful and healthy, so can always be ready to show it off:

  • Clean up the area of the neck, neckline and bust with a soft cleaner, you should not rub your skin so you should not use rough sponges, these areas should be treated carefully, smoothly and gently.
  • Each month you should use an exfoliating cream in order to remove all the death cells from your skin.
  • After taking a shower, you should use a toner to refresh your skin and to neutralize the ph, therefore your skin will be prepared to receive and absorb the moisturizer that is required.
  • Moisturize the skin of breasts area with an especial product which at the same time works as a firming product.
  • Apply to your skin a sun block especially if you are going to use a notched clothing, skin of areas such as neck, neckline and breasts is very sensitive and requires additional protection against the effects of UV. It is essential to prevent the appearance of skin spots.