Natural breast enhancement VS implant surgery

The size of the female bust is something that since the beginning of humanity has been associated with femininity and motherhood. It is due to the attractiveness of curves. Breast Actives is a complete system with a holistic approach that enhances its beauty by naturally reaffirming its tissues and encouraging its development. This organic treatment provides permanent results without the side effects caused by artificial procedures.

How to increase bust size with implant surgery

The physical aspect profoundly affects the self-esteem of any woman. Besides, the canon of the flawless body with a slim silhouette and perfect bust has in many cases resulted in dissatisfaction with the size of breasts. Both situations have increased the demand for a solution to improve their appearance.

Among breast enhancement methods, there are two major groups: natural treatments and surgeries. Mammoplasty is a surgical intervention that consists of the insertion of silicone bags or other compounds inside breasts through an incision made in the lower area. This procedure requires the use of general anesthesia and involves high risks for overall health since many women have experienced an implant leakage after a few years. It usually has a high price that ranges from 4000 to 7000 euros. On the other hand, it does not guarantee a satisfactory outcome for the patient.

Considering the facts, a team of reputable health professionals specialized in breast care has developed an affordable and safer solution to provide women an effective enhancement. Breast Actives is an entirely natural system that encourages mammary tissue growth. It works on every level increasing volume and improving firmness offering an additional support against the influence of gravity and hormonal changes. Every woman can take advantage of this treatment regardless of her physical features.

Advantages offered by natural bust enhancement system

Scientists have proven that stimulating the estrogen receptors with phytoestrogens will lead to the increase of breast size by up to 150%. These facts are thoroughly documented and have provided the foundation for the formulation of Breast Actives solution. In this way, results produced by it are effective and permanent.

Breast Actives system is responsible for balancing your hormonal levels in a way that breast tissue enlargement is stimulated. It also improves blood flow to encourage the development of new cells leading to an increment of the size of the bust.

Breast Actives approach is completely risk-free since it involves the use of organic ingredients. It offers a safe alternative for women who are looking for to enhance breasts appearance naturally and without any concern. This treatment has undergone rigorous clinical studies. The volunteers that engaged on them did not suffer adverse effects or discomfort of any kind. Instead, thanks to the high quality of its active principles, they experienced a considerable improvement on their bust size.

Permanent results with the safest breast enhancement treatment

It is well known that many herbs, especially those with phytoestrogenic properties, stimulate female hormones to reactivate breasts development in adult women as if they were teenagers. But ingesting these organic elements in an inadequate dosage or spreading them through ointments without professional supervision may not be an efficient solution. It is because even natural treatments must follow standard procedures to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the customer.

Breast Actives team has combined high-quality ingredients that were carefully chosen in the right proportions so you can enjoy the outcome without additional concerns. Order your supply from the official website and start a radical change that will make you look and feel fabulous!

Complications caused by breasts implant break

There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with at least one body part, in the case of women the body part that becomes the target of most of the critics is the bust. Women are always looking for to enhance their physical appearance, therefore one of the parts they look for to improve are breasts, with no place for doubt, they are the most striking part of female figure, but sometimes a desperate need could induce to desperate decisions.

For that reason, a lot of women have appealed to surgery in order to enhance not only the beauty of their breasts, but sometimes of the butt, to remove some fat from some places, and they have become victims of unprepared and unscrupulous people. There are plenty of stories of who have gone under the knife and didn’t live to tell, some of them are still alive for miracle but they have to leave every day with the bitter result of a bad choice.

If you are one of those women who are considering to have a surgery, then you should read the information listed below, you should be aware that instead of having an improvement you can destroy the few good things you still own.

Saline implants have been used very frequently without considering their tendency to deflate, it happens when the saline solution is filtered through a valve or a crack in the implant package. It is easy to note when the breast size starts to decrease or when the shape of the breast starts showing deformities. There is no way to know for sure when the implant is going to break, it could happen a few months after the surgery, or it could happen after several years have passed.

Causes for this condition may include damage caused by the surgical team during the intervention, also the implants may be too full, they could break in the presence of a Capsular contracture or due to an excessive physical effort. A way on which this condition can be prevented is by means of avoiding intense physical activity. Once the rupture takes place, a surgical intervention will be required to remove the implant.

There are patients who have reported as a side effect of surgery intense pain, mostly because of an inappropriate size of implant, due to a faulty positioning, a deficient surgery, or a Capsular contracture. If you are experiencing sharp pain you should visit the doctor immediately.

In simple terms, a hematoma is a blood clot inside any part of the body, and a seroma is a collection of serum. When you receive a mammary implant, you can experience any of these conditions around the implant after the cosmetic surgery. In any of both cases, an infection can be triggered accompanied with inflammation and pain. If the seroma or hematoma turns out to be big, then a surgical intervention will be required in order to clean and heal the lesion.

Health risks due to cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures imply health risks that should be considered before exposing our health to one of them. The bigger risk is contained on the rupture of an implant made of saline solution, when it happens the implant starts to deflate really fast, it will have to be removed from breast. The FDA recommends to women with implants to have a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in order to detect on time any possible fissure which could lead to a rupture.

Unfortunately MRI is expensive but necessary because a mammogram is unable to detect for certain a rupture. The MRI results should be checked by a professional with enough experience to detect ruptures or leaks in the implants. Professionals of the FDA found out that at least one of the implants broke after ten years have passed since the surgery, however is very common the rupture of implants before the period of ten years and sometimes the rupture take place during the first year. When the implant is made with silicon, the rupture may show symptoms one year after the occurrence of the rupture, among the symptoms reported are included: changes on shape and size of breasts, the emergence of prominences under the skin or on the surface, and a burning pain is also characteristic of implants rupture. Many surgeons consider that silicon is “perfectly safe”, nevertheless experts who have read the reports of implants ruptures according to clinical investigations, consider that a broken implant should be removed as soon as possible, especially if there is a leak.

Problematic areas can be easily detected by surgeon with the help of MRI, avoiding another leak while the implant gets removed during surgery. Removing the broken implants immediately decreases de possibility of complications.

It is important that a very experienced plastic surgeon perform the surgical procedure, implants of silicon old or broken should be removed in blocks which means that implant should be fully removed with the capsule of scar tissue that surrounds it. This procedure is helpful to remove any leakage of gel coming from the broken implant and it also helps to remove the silicon and some other chemical elements which could have been filtered over the scar tissue.

Before having any surgical intervention is always imperative to be informed about the positive and negative repercussions, so health problems can be prevented.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

In very rare cases, women develop Toxic Shock Syndrome, a condition that implies serious health risks after a cosmetic surgery for increasing breast size. Symptoms include excessive diarrhea, fever, nausea, and dizziness. If you detect one of the signs or symptoms mentioned then talk to your doctor immediately.


It consists on the formation of dead tissue around the implant impeding the proper healing; a surgical correction and the extraction of the implant will be required. Necrosis also implies the danger of having permanent scars. Principal causes for this condition involve infections, smoking, radiation or chemotherapy, and hot or cold therapies.