Avoid the flaccidity of breasts

Breasts are constantly fighting to keep their upright posture. They do not have too much where to attach to on the ribcage and so they depend entirely of the skin and tissues that surrounds them. This fact and the issue of live constantly affected by female hormonal swings turn them into an easy target for sagging, fall and loss of volume and shape.

The components of a breast are glands, fibber and fat on a very personalized way; it means that there are differences between the breasts from each couple of women and each woman has in them a very outstanding characteristics. Age is another factor that implies changes on breasts, we should be aware that breasts skin ages as fast as the skin of the face, since despite their fragility they have to provide support to a mammary gland of moderate volume and dimensions. On skin cleansing it must be employed a non-aggressive gel rich on emollients. Breasts skin also needs an exfoliation each five or four days to ease the further application of products rich on reaffirming and nourishing substances.

Reaffirming and toning

Steadiness and maintenance of breasts depends on the elasticity and firmness of the skin wrapping, thus it is essential to give it the same cares in terms of nutrition, hydration and toning as we do with the face. A combined shower of hot-cold is highly recommended to provide turgidity to the tissues. Also it is recommended to pick up the right size of a bra, considering the lifestyle particularities like sport practicing, in order to provide a better support in case of abrupt activities pre venting a displacement of the gland of the tissue.

Although there may not be a big variety of products intended for aesthetic care for breasts, there are always being released new products intended for breast and cleavage care, it can also be employed any product with toning and reaffirming properties to the skin of breasts.

Preventing Stretch Marks

It is very important to prevent the emergence of stretch marks in order to keep a healthy and nice appearance of the skin. Stretch marks are not exclusive of pregnancy, so it is a good practice to apply to breasts skin in a regular basis a cream enriched with herbal extracts such as avocado or gotu kola, with moisturizing and protective properties with the ability of activate the fibroblast which improves the elasticity of dermal tissue thereby preventing and combating sagging skin and stretch marks.

Echinacea extract is another product highly recommended for breasts skin care due to its regenerative properties that provide a firmer skin tone.

It also has been said that the shape of breasts has an influence on the tendency to flaccidity, those with the shape of an apple are less likely to fall since they are widely deployed on the chest. Pyriform breasts (with the shape of a pear) tend to lose firmness more quickly. The best solution in any case is prevention.