Sagging: the worst enemy of breasts

Breast beauty depends on many different factors such as neck muscles and skin packaging which should be equipped with very good tonicity; also very well developed pectoral muscles are required. Breasts steadiness is a socially highly valued feature which denotes health and beauty on women, this is why is so important to fight sagging in order to keep an attractive and nice figure.

A very few women have beautiful breasts at the age of 35, the explication for this can be found on the fact that with the pass of time skin losses elasticity and the mammary gland does not remain close to the pectoral muscle but it is pulled by its own weight. Further breasts will tend to fall forward and then they tend to slide into the stomach or armpits because of weight changes or the diverse hormonal changes.

There are some strategies that can be employed in order to prevent breasts fall. Cold water showers with an especial device of anatomical design and which and be plugged directly to the faucet or to the manual shower can be useful, soft massages can be done using this device, with circular motion around the nipple in the same sense of clockwise, from inside out. These massages provide tone to the tissues; they also activate circulation and by means of a circular massage to improve skin and avoiding premature loosening.

A straight and upright posture is very important to delay breasts fall since when the back is kept straight at the same time breasts and the pectoral base are kept straight to, helping to keep bust firm.

Among the strategies to prevent breasts fall there are some exercise routines, they are useful to create a consisting pectoral base on which bust can be implemented, also they are useful to tone that fine muscle spectrum which goes from the neck to the chest and finally the aid to tighten the dorsal of the back so it does not slouch.

These exercises are effective preventive strategies when the first signs of sagging start appearing and when the bust appears signs of decay, of course results will be up to constancy.

  • Lying on your back in the curled position, with a weight of 2 kg on each hand, take your hands backward without touching the floor and then move them to the original position. Three series of ten repetitions each should be done every day.
  • Lying on a chair, with legs straight and your back completely straight, with your shoulders backwards and the belly tucked, pick up with each hand a weight of at least 1 kg. Raise up your arms straight until you form right angles and start moving weights up and down. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise again at least fifty times each day.
  • Squeeze really hard a little rubber ball with both hands, tighten all the muscles of the arms and count until 10, relax and then repeat the exercise at least ten times.

Five tips to have firmer breasts

Having beautiful breasts is a priority for women, especially for the meaning they have as a femininity symbol, yet it is not an easy task. Although a woman may have been blessed with a beautiful bust, that is not enough, special cares are required in order to maintain the health of each breast.

This is why is so important to be aware of which practices are required in order to prevent breasts fall as a consequence of gravity, or to prevent stretch marks on the skin due to the lack of hydration.

More recommended exercises to prevent sagging of the breasts

Since the basic component of breasts is body fat, it is necessary to make some exercise in order to tone the bust area. The best exercise to maintain breasts firm is to practice swimming especially the style of breast stroke. This exercise stimulates the muscles of the chest in a very effective way. There are some other exercise routines that will help to provide steadiness to breasts such as running, aerobics, dancing and rhythmic gymnastics, but swimming is the best and faster way to get firmer breasts.

Keep your weight stable and take care of your posture

Sudden changes of weight like increasing or decreasing it in an abrupt way augment the tendency to flaccidity on breasts tissues. It is highly recommended for you to keep the same weight and to avoid brusque weight changes. Besides you should take care to keep the right posture for your back, which plays an important role since a straight back will keep your breasts in a straight position helping to prevent their fall.

A good bra is fundamental

Although most women are not aware of the importance of bra, it is a key element on helping to prevent breasts fall and flaccidity. You should pick up a bra that is adequate for the size, shape and volume of your breasts. It has been found that eighty percent of women use an incorrect bra, which does not provide the right support to breasts. The right bra should not be too tight but it must work as a good supporter. Also your breasts should not be loose inside the bra, what is the use of wearing a bra if your breasts will be exposed to gravity effects anyway? Another key point to consider is the material of the bra; it should always be cotton or some other texture that allows the skin of your breasts to breathe to prevent further damages.

A few domestic practices

Keeping your breasts beautiful should become part of your daily routine; here you will find a simple exercise that you can practice at home so you can prevent flaccidity.

  • Join both palms in front of you at the level of your chest and with elbows pointing to the front make some pressure with one palm against the other. Then stop pressing and start again, it should be done at least 30 times.

Which is the right posture to maintain the beauty of breasts?

The body posture is very important in order to maintain healthy breasts, to achieve the correct posture you should pay attention and observe the way you walk, the way you seat, the way you sleep and how do make exercise.

Keeping the perfect posture for the bust

A good advice would be to place a book over the head and walk, imagine that you are a ballet dancer, observe how the perfect posture is, observe how your neck stands out and how shoulder blades go backwards. It is useless having a beautiful breast and not showing it off, and which can become deteriorated with the wrong posture. You should be aware that your body language communicates your frame of mind; a self confident woman maintains a posture which denotes an elegant appearance. People with lack of self esteem tend to bend; they bend the neck forward and sink the chest. If you adopt any of these wrong practices not only the appearance will be deteriorated but your health will be deeply affected in the future.

The right posture consists on placing your shoulder blades backwards. Never blend your back, it will damage your bones in time and your breasts will be kept in a position on which they will become flaccid. When a hunched posture has been adopted for while, it is very complicated to straighten the back again.

For sleeping use an orthopedic pillow, this will help you to have a better rest so for your back and neck, in this way your bust will remain in a relaxed position. Do not get used to a sedentary life, incorrect positions like lying on a couch hearting your back is not the ideal position. Pressure applied by furniture makes your back to blend.

Make some exercises like shoulder blades rotations, rotate the neck, practice pilates and yoga, these practices that are highly beneficial to getting the right posture. There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can practice to in order to improve your posture, for instance, long walks are part of a good exercise routine.

Posture exercises

There are specific posture exercises that are indicated to learn to walk upright, below are listed some exercises.

  • The first exercise you should do is standing straight in front of the mirror; observe how you look, if you feel comfortable with that image, it will become the best incentive for you to start working on your posture.
  • Stand straight distributing all your weight on your feet. Place your right hand on the left side of your hips, feel the space between the upper torso and hip. Inhale and raise your left hand, raising the superior part of your torso too. Exhale and try to maintain the new space that has been formed. With this exercise you will train your muscles to remain raised; this will help you to improve your posture, to breath better, and to keep beautiful breasts.

Picking up the right brassiere

Bras Styles

Basic: this type of bra is comfortable and ideal for a daily use. It is important that they have suspenders and a cup complete in order to provide better support for breasts. The bra that you are about to choose should always be made with cotton or microfiber; these materials will allow your skin breathing.

Push-up: the main goal of this type of bra is to enhance the bust, therefore is important to choose the proper level of filling.

Sports-bra: they are necessary for practicing exercises or sport, with aerobics for instance, it is inevitable that all the muscles and tissues of your body are constantly shaken for the rhythm of activity.

Strapless: this type of breast is useful for having the proper support when you are about to wear clothing where your shoulders are uncovered. They are not recommended for daily use since they do not offer enough support.

Adequate Bra for each size of bust

Small Breasts: in this case it is recommendable for you to wear a bra of the type Push-up, or with suspenders in order to create the sensation of good proportions and making your breasts look more attractive.

Big Breasts: many women with big breasts complain because they do not know how to handle the size of them and picking up the right clothing at the same time. If you have big breasts the recommendation would be for you choose a bra that helps to reduce the volume, pick up the type of bra with plastic or metal arc. Also a bra with wide and triangular suspenders and with a complete cup will be useful for reducing even one size.

When breasts look separately: choose a bra equipped with a central reinforcement and lateral fillings.

Selecting proper size for the bra

These days most of women wear an inappropriate size or type of bra, the simple tips that can help a woman to choose the right size and type, but it should always be considered the huge variety of bras styles available and that each woman has her own particularities which makes each on e have different needs, therefore you can use this tips but the final word will be given by you when you try out the bra and see if it is suitable for you.

Some bras size details include a letter and a number, the letter makes reference to the size of the cup, and the number makes reference to the size of the strip. It is important to check both measures since a tight strip may cause some blood circulation problems resulting quite uncomfortable, on the other hand a big bra will not provide the proper support for breasts.

In order to choose a suitable bra, always try on three different sizes, one that matches your size of breasts, one a little bit bigger and one a little bit smaller. It will help to confirm which is the most suitable for your needs.

Reasons why the bust deteriorates

There are different factors that have great incidence over the health and appearance of breasts, among them we can find age, the lack of exercise, maternity and breastfeeding, most of all maternity since it implies severe changes on the shape of breasts which are being prepared to produce milk for the newborn. Below are listed the most common causes for breasts deterioration.

Incorrect body posture

Having an incorrect body posture carries a lot disadvantages for health, for instance it has been proved that the lack of concentration is a result of having an erroneous posture. It is considered as an incorrect body posture that one which requires an excessive effort, producing an imbalance on the relation between body parts, generating in this way fatigue in minor cases and musculoskeletal injuries on irreversible and severe cases. Any posture that forces our body to adopt an uncomfortable position increases the muscle tension and the risk for nerve compression on neck and shoulders, which can lead to problems on the column, arms and hands, becoming a potential risk for health.

According to statistics of the WHO (World Health Organization), eight of each ten persons have been affected for some column problem due to an inadequate body posture. The lack of exercise and the excess of weight are the worst enemies of the column. In the case of breasts, if the column always remains in a semi blend position, breasts will be always tending to fall, and gravity law effects will be visible very soon, therefore it is very important to keep the column always straight on every activity of the day.

Constant increase and loss of weight

This is considered among the most general causes for the deterioration of breasts. They tend to lose steadiness and tend to fall losing their original shape. Drastic diets and the dietary excesses lead to gain or lose weight in a sudden way, all these changes tend to affect in a negative way to breast tissues. Skin starts suffering damage and the muscle mass becomes flaccid therefore changing the shape of breasts and even producing the appearance of stretch marks. In time with the constant change of weight, the aspect of breasts becomes less aesthetic and attractive.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are natural parts of the life of a woman, but they are also quite damaging for breasts. The production of breast milk on the mammary glands generates an increment of size of them, thus more space is required to store the new content, breasts fat is retracted in order to make some room for the transformations that are taking place, additionally most of the weight of breasts rests over the skin since they don’t have almost muscle support, and all this increment of weight on breasts will require more effort from skin.


The process of aging leads to the loss of elasticity and consistency of skin and to the loss of muscle tone producing deterioration on each breast.

A good looking neckline

A lot of women are looking for to enhance their appearance, face is not the only part which is receiving interest, but breasts which probably are the most important parts of female figure, they are most visible anatomic element which clearly calls for attention.

Women are looking for to have a good looking neckline, and it will not depend only on the size of breasts, but also of the beauty of the skin and the steadiness of it. Without a doubt breasts skin is fragile and it is the most susceptible to show signs of aging since it carries a big weight with almost no additional help.

Flaccidity is a consequence of different factors: the lack of dermal flexibility and skin elasticity, the decline in volumes of hypo-cutaneous tissues, and also the decline of the amount of physiological fluid. All of these symptoms are visible after periods of stress or hormonal changes such as those that are common during pregnancy and after breastfeeding. The sudden variations of weight experienced by women during these stages involve the loss of flexibility of the tissues of the bust.

Also bad habits like the lack of exercise and muscle toning combined with the absence of a good hydration of breasts could lead to reduce the stability of the tissue and skin of breasts. Fortunately cosmetic science has made a lot of improvements in order to provide the proper care to breasts health. For some women, there is the option of surgical procedure. With a surgery breasts could not only be increased on volume, but they can also be lifted and their position can be reaffirmed, avoiding a fallen appearance, of course a surgery always involve some additional risks which should be considered before going for a surgical procedure.

There are also natural alternatives to solve the problem of breasts size and aesthetics, one of them, which has received a lot of acceptance by the costumers, is known as Breast Actives. Professionals involved in the development of Breast Actives formula have worked hard to get to know the desires and the needs of women in order to create a product that could provide them the necessary service and satisfaction. The most important things considered by them were effectiveness, health care and an affordable price. There are thousands of testimonials around the world of women sharing their happiness product of a life transformation.

Breast Actives treatment can be combined with traditional bust firming exercises, in any case results produced by Breast Actives are permanent and free from any side effect since each one of the ingredients combined on its formula are one hundred percent natural with a high content of phytoestrogens which are key elements to reactivate breasts growth. Breast Actives does not only increase the size of breasts but it also takes good care of their health, it also maintains the skin hydrated. Additional benefits of Breast Actives treatment have been found, for instance it is able to ease menopause symptoms.