Stages of the life of a woman and breast

Bust experiences important changes on the life of a woman, during adolescence, during pregnancy and menopause, on each stage the anatomy of each breast suffers radical changes, thus breasts cares should be improved and increased.


During adolescence many different changes take place, among them there are modifications in the degree of development and on ramifications of the excretory ducts and the abundance of adipose tissue. Mammary gland grows in a very fast way and adopts a globular appearance; areola acquires pigmentation and setoff which makes the nipple more visible. This is a difficult stage and women change in a drastic way their proportions. Adolescence can begin with a sensation of hypersensitivity under the areola; it can affect only one breast. Additionally hormonal levels are increased triggering changes which will start the transformation of the body of a girl into a woman’s body.  Levels of estrogen are increased therefore triggering the development and growth of breasts.

When those changes start to take place, it is highly recommended the right type and size of bra in order to provide from the beginning a correct support to breasts. Moisturize adequately breasts skin with creams formulated for that purpose; it can help to minimize itching produced by hormonal changes. Remove as much as possible fats from diet and include more vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to drink at least one litter of water each day.

Young woman

A young woman is always looking for positive transformations which are part of her development. At this age a woman expects to have a physical appearance with which she can feel pleased and which increments her self confidence. At this stage breasts are fully developed, although the shape of breasts may not be compatible with the rest of the female figure.

The size or the shape or breasts may not be the desired, but exercise can aid to strengthen muscles although they may not affect shape or size. There are natural treatments that can aid to increase the size of breasts like Breast Actives, but perseverance will be required from the girl who starts a treatment, since depending on the particularities of her body, the treatment could take some time to show results. During this stage pre-menstrual syndrome may affect the size of the bust, it is important for you to have an appropriate diet, avoid some elements that can be harmful for your health. If you find a suspicious sign or your breasts, consult with your doctor immediately, some health issues are easier to treat if they are detected on time.

Some recommendations for this stage would be to look for adequate information about how a breast transformation is possible, inform yourself about risks, costs and every detail related to each option. Although you are young, still you should have a periodic medical check in order to prevent further complications. Include on your schedule some healthy exercise routine, there are some for improve breasts health.