Sagging: the worst enemy of breasts

Breast beauty depends on many different factors such as neck muscles and skin packaging which should be equipped with very good tonicity; also very well developed pectoral muscles are required. Breasts steadiness is a socially highly valued feature which denotes health and beauty on women, this is why is so important to fight sagging in order to keep an attractive and nice figure.

A very few women have beautiful breasts at the age of 35, the explication for this can be found on the fact that with the pass of time skin losses elasticity and the mammary gland does not remain close to the pectoral muscle but it is pulled by its own weight. Further breasts will tend to fall forward and then they tend to slide into the stomach or armpits because of weight changes or the diverse hormonal changes.

There are some strategies that can be employed in order to prevent breasts fall. Cold water showers with an especial device of anatomical design and which and be plugged directly to the faucet or to the manual shower can be useful, soft massages can be done using this device, with circular motion around the nipple in the same sense of clockwise, from inside out. These massages provide tone to the tissues; they also activate circulation and by means of a circular massage to improve skin and avoiding premature loosening.

A straight and upright posture is very important to delay breasts fall since when the back is kept straight at the same time breasts and the pectoral base are kept straight to, helping to keep bust firm.

Among the strategies to prevent breasts fall there are some exercise routines, they are useful to create a consisting pectoral base on which bust can be implemented, also they are useful to tone that fine muscle spectrum which goes from the neck to the chest and finally the aid to tighten the dorsal of the back so it does not slouch.

These exercises are effective preventive strategies when the first signs of sagging start appearing and when the bust appears signs of decay, of course results will be up to constancy.

  • Lying on your back in the curled position, with a weight of 2 kg on each hand, take your hands backward without touching the floor and then move them to the original position. Three series of ten repetitions each should be done every day.
  • Lying on a chair, with legs straight and your back completely straight, with your shoulders backwards and the belly tucked, pick up with each hand a weight of at least 1 kg. Raise up your arms straight until you form right angles and start moving weights up and down. Return to the original position and repeat the exercise again at least fifty times each day.
  • Squeeze really hard a little rubber ball with both hands, tighten all the muscles of the arms and count until 10, relax and then repeat the exercise at least ten times.