Which is the right posture to maintain the beauty of breasts?

The body posture is very important in order to maintain healthy breasts, to achieve the correct posture you should pay attention and observe the way you walk, the way you seat, the way you sleep and how do make exercise.

Keeping the perfect posture for the bust

A good advice would be to place a book over the head and walk, imagine that you are a ballet dancer, observe how the perfect posture is, observe how your neck stands out and how shoulder blades go backwards. It is useless having a beautiful breast and not showing it off, and which can become deteriorated with the wrong posture. You should be aware that your body language communicates your frame of mind; a self confident woman maintains a posture which denotes an elegant appearance. People with lack of self esteem tend to bend; they bend the neck forward and sink the chest. If you adopt any of these wrong practices not only the appearance will be deteriorated but your health will be deeply affected in the future.

The right posture consists on placing your shoulder blades backwards. Never blend your back, it will damage your bones in time and your breasts will be kept in a position on which they will become flaccid. When a hunched posture has been adopted for while, it is very complicated to straighten the back again.

For sleeping use an orthopedic pillow, this will help you to have a better rest so for your back and neck, in this way your bust will remain in a relaxed position. Do not get used to a sedentary life, incorrect positions like lying on a couch hearting your back is not the ideal position. Pressure applied by furniture makes your back to blend.

Make some exercises like shoulder blades rotations, rotate the neck, practice pilates and yoga, these practices that are highly beneficial to getting the right posture. There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can practice to in order to improve your posture, for instance, long walks are part of a good exercise routine.

Posture exercises

There are specific posture exercises that are indicated to learn to walk upright, below are listed some exercises.

  • The first exercise you should do is standing straight in front of the mirror; observe how you look, if you feel comfortable with that image, it will become the best incentive for you to start working on your posture.
  • Stand straight distributing all your weight on your feet. Place your right hand on the left side of your hips, feel the space between the upper torso and hip. Inhale and raise your left hand, raising the superior part of your torso too. Exhale and try to maintain the new space that has been formed. With this exercise you will train your muscles to remain raised; this will help you to improve your posture, to breath better, and to keep beautiful breasts.