Reasons why the bust deteriorates

There are different factors that have great incidence over the health and appearance of breasts, among them we can find age, the lack of exercise, maternity and breastfeeding, most of all maternity since it implies severe changes on the shape of breasts which are being prepared to produce milk for the newborn. Below are listed the most common causes for breasts deterioration.

Incorrect body posture

Having an incorrect body posture carries a lot disadvantages for health, for instance it has been proved that the lack of concentration is a result of having an erroneous posture. It is considered as an incorrect body posture that one which requires an excessive effort, producing an imbalance on the relation between body parts, generating in this way fatigue in minor cases and musculoskeletal injuries on irreversible and severe cases. Any posture that forces our body to adopt an uncomfortable position increases the muscle tension and the risk for nerve compression on neck and shoulders, which can lead to problems on the column, arms and hands, becoming a potential risk for health.

According to statistics of the WHO (World Health Organization), eight of each ten persons have been affected for some column problem due to an inadequate body posture. The lack of exercise and the excess of weight are the worst enemies of the column. In the case of breasts, if the column always remains in a semi blend position, breasts will be always tending to fall, and gravity law effects will be visible very soon, therefore it is very important to keep the column always straight on every activity of the day.

Constant increase and loss of weight

This is considered among the most general causes for the deterioration of breasts. They tend to lose steadiness and tend to fall losing their original shape. Drastic diets and the dietary excesses lead to gain or lose weight in a sudden way, all these changes tend to affect in a negative way to breast tissues. Skin starts suffering damage and the muscle mass becomes flaccid therefore changing the shape of breasts and even producing the appearance of stretch marks. In time with the constant change of weight, the aspect of breasts becomes less aesthetic and attractive.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are natural parts of the life of a woman, but they are also quite damaging for breasts. The production of breast milk on the mammary glands generates an increment of size of them, thus more space is required to store the new content, breasts fat is retracted in order to make some room for the transformations that are taking place, additionally most of the weight of breasts rests over the skin since they don’t have almost muscle support, and all this increment of weight on breasts will require more effort from skin.


The process of aging leads to the loss of elasticity and consistency of skin and to the loss of muscle tone producing deterioration on each breast.