Picking up the right brassiere

Bras Styles

Basic: this type of bra is comfortable and ideal for a daily use. It is important that they have suspenders and a cup complete in order to provide better support for breasts. The bra that you are about to choose should always be made with cotton or microfiber; these materials will allow your skin breathing.

Push-up: the main goal of this type of bra is to enhance the bust, therefore is important to choose the proper level of filling.

Sports-bra: they are necessary for practicing exercises or sport, with aerobics for instance, it is inevitable that all the muscles and tissues of your body are constantly shaken for the rhythm of activity.

Strapless: this type of breast is useful for having the proper support when you are about to wear clothing where your shoulders are uncovered. They are not recommended for daily use since they do not offer enough support.

Adequate Bra for each size of bust

Small Breasts: in this case it is recommendable for you to wear a bra of the type Push-up, or with suspenders in order to create the sensation of good proportions and making your breasts look more attractive.

Big Breasts: many women with big breasts complain because they do not know how to handle the size of them and picking up the right clothing at the same time. If you have big breasts the recommendation would be for you choose a bra that helps to reduce the volume, pick up the type of bra with plastic or metal arc. Also a bra with wide and triangular suspenders and with a complete cup will be useful for reducing even one size.

When breasts look separately: choose a bra equipped with a central reinforcement and lateral fillings.

Selecting proper size for the bra

These days most of women wear an inappropriate size or type of bra, the simple tips that can help a woman to choose the right size and type, but it should always be considered the huge variety of bras styles available and that each woman has her own particularities which makes each on e have different needs, therefore you can use this tips but the final word will be given by you when you try out the bra and see if it is suitable for you.

Some bras size details include a letter and a number, the letter makes reference to the size of the cup, and the number makes reference to the size of the strip. It is important to check both measures since a tight strip may cause some blood circulation problems resulting quite uncomfortable, on the other hand a big bra will not provide the proper support for breasts.

In order to choose a suitable bra, always try on three different sizes, one that matches your size of breasts, one a little bit bigger and one a little bit smaller. It will help to confirm which is the most suitable for your needs.