How it works

Hormonal changes are responsible for the transformation of a girl into a woman, although these hormonal changes take place during the embryonic period and childhood rather slowly, they reach higher levels of activity during the adolescence, a period that usually ranges from 12 to 21 years of age, is during this period that breasts start their development with a slightly conical shape, at first, then more round until the first menstrual periods begin.

Breast development is the hot topic among girls; they get concerned about the size of the breasts, which has always been considered privileged symbol of femininity, beauty and sexual arousal. During this period Estrogen and Progesterone, which are hormones secreted by the ovaries stimulate the breast development.

During this stage the elongation of the breasts is consolidated, also the increase in cell height and thickness of the epithelium, and the formation of small buttons epithelial (future lobules) from the pipeline terminals begins. It can be observed also the increment of periductal tissue density.

With the cyclical hormonal stimulation continues the growth of the stroma and the parenchyma (including higher development of the lobules), in this way breasts reach spatial harmonic distribution culminating with the characteristics of the breast in adult women. On initial stages the increase of fat determines the appearance of breast buds which will serve in the future as a support for the growth of the glandular parenchyma.

Estrogens act predominantly by means of stimulating the milk ducts while Progesterone stimulates the growth of alveoli. STH growth hormone or Somatotrophin and Prolactin influence on the mammary tissue growth. The hormone thyroxine produced by the thyroid gland may have influenced the development of breasts tissues.

Once a woman reaches 21 or 22 years of age, breasts development concludes, so the final size of them is defined at the end of that period.

Breast Actives herbal formula has been developed with the aim of reactivating the mammary glands in order to develop the tissue of the breasts in a similar way as it happens during puberty so the size of breasts can be increased

Breasts are equipped with estrogen receptors which are responsible for stimulating mammogenesis or the development of mammary glands. These receptors work as a magnet to attract estrogen; the ingredients of Breast Actives have natural estrogenic properties which promote a healthy and natural growth of the mammary tissue.

Medical research have revealed that high levels of natural estrogens, diosgenin and phyto-nutrients can be found on elements like fennel seeds, fenugreek, sweet potato and saw palmetto, elements that are included among the ingredients of Breast Actives formula.

It has been proven that chemical and environmental toxins can also retard the process of breast growth, since they adhere to the tissue of mammary glands blocking the estrogen receptors, thus Breast Actives formula also includes nutritional herbal elements which aid to remove these toxins from tissues of breasts. On many women the reactivation of mammary glands and tissue development could take from five to eight weeks.