How are related self-esteem and breasts size

How many times are found complains of women about their breasts sizes on blogs? There are plenty of women which are not satisfied with some part of their body, but the part which receives more critics from general audience are breasts. If a woman gets to have beautiful and voluptuous breasts, she feels more comfortable on every activity she performs, same thing happens with women that employ some other resources to increase their breasts size.

For instance, women submitted to surgical procedure in order to increase the size of their breasts feel very often with more self-esteem and they have more positive assessment of their sex life, according to a statistical study revealed by the University of Florida.

The study indicates that treatments for breasts size increment, although they may not be a “panacea”, they are able to produce psychological benefits. Eighty four women were surveyed during the study, the age range extended from 21 to 57 years of age. Their perception of how they felt about themselves before and after the procedure of increasing breasts size was the target for evaluation.

After they received the “improvement”, their self-esteem punctuation increased from 20.7 to 24.9 over the 30 points of the Rosenberg scale. And the average of sexual activity of these women increased from 27.3 to 31.4 points.

The next part of the test supports the theory that breasts size is intimately related to improvement of self-esteem and sexuality. 76.6 percent of women surveyed claimed to have experienced and increment in their sexual arousal up to 81 percent, and 57 percent of them claimed to feel an increment of sexual satisfaction of their desires.

Just a small number of patients stated that no changes whatsoever were observed on their sexual arousal or sexual satisfaction levels after having the procedure of breasts size increment.

Professionals involved on the investigation believe strongly that a procedure of breasts size increment can help, for instance, to women who are unsatisfied with their breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and women who have been affected by hormonal changes due to age. Women who have passed for that kind of experiences are unable to feel attractive, thus it has a negative effect over their self-esteem and sexual arousal levels.

Although, these professionals agree on the fact that cosmetic procedures are not the solution for every problem related to self-confidence, there are women with problems buried deeper in the subconscious which will require the help of a professional in psychology in order to solve them, but it depends on the individual to make a self-analysis in order to be aware of which is the real source of the discomfort.

Thus, there can be patients that are not pleased with their physical appearance no matter how many cosmetic procedures they are submitted to. The number of cases of surgery for breasts size augmentation has increased 476% since 2000 and the total amount of women who have received a breast implant now exceeds two million.