Healthy and beautiful bust

In order to keep a healthy and beautiful bust you should have a discipline composed of different routines or habits that are not complicate.

Natural treatment

Natural oils are ideal for having a soft massage on your breasts, here are some recommendations: Sweet Almond Oil which is excellent to nourish and hydrate the skin of breasts, Lavender Oil relaxes the muscles and softens the skin. Geranium Oil aids to the production of new cells and tones the skin. Grapes seed Oil is very rich on flavonoids which are the worst enemies of free radicals therefore preventing premature aging, it works as an anti-oxidant. Ylang Ylang has relaxing properties and is very useful to treat dry skin.

General cares

The posture of your body is fundamental in order to keep your breasts firm and beauty, so you should always keep your back straight. It is fundamental for you to keep your weight constant, in this way breasts skin will remain elastic and tissues will remain firm preventing further breasts fall. Practice some exercises useful for strengthen your chest such as weightlifting, swimming and Pilates, focus on the bust and back. It is essential for you to hydrate yourself constantly, drink at least two litters of water every day. Eat healthy, include on your diet vegetables, fruit and fibers so your digestive system works properly. Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays type A and B, use in a daily basis a sun block, breasts skin is very susceptible to UV effects.

Sleep on a position on which your breasts are not compressed, it is important in order to prevent breasts fall or some other deformities. Tone your breasts whit cold water showers, you should avoid using hot water over your breasts. Pick up the right size and type of bra, remember that breasts tissues count with a very weak support, mostly composed by the delicate skin that surrounds it, thus additional support is required in order to prevent the fall of the tissues due to gravity effects. If you have some exercise routine and it includes abrupt activities, then you should choose a proper bra in order to provide additional hold up to your breasts for jumping or any other kind of effort.

The most important practice that helps you keeping your breasts healthy is the periodical breast exam with a gynecologist, if you have passed the forties it is imperative that you have a regular check in order to detect right on time any issue that may be appearing on your mammary tissues. It is recommended for you to have a mammogram at least once per year. Do not forget that for having a lovely bust it is fundamental to keep it healthy.


Once the neckline area is clean you can employ the same makeup you use for your face and neck, if skin has some imperfections you can camouflage them with the same corrector that you apply to your face, spots are the most common.