Health risks due to cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures imply health risks that should be considered before exposing our health to one of them. The bigger risk is contained on the rupture of an implant made of saline solution, when it happens the implant starts to deflate really fast, it will have to be removed from breast. The FDA recommends to women with implants to have a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in order to detect on time any possible fissure which could lead to a rupture.

Unfortunately MRI is expensive but necessary because a mammogram is unable to detect for certain a rupture. The MRI results should be checked by a professional with enough experience to detect ruptures or leaks in the implants. Professionals of the FDA found out that at least one of the implants broke after ten years have passed since the surgery, however is very common the rupture of implants before the period of ten years and sometimes the rupture take place during the first year. When the implant is made with silicon, the rupture may show symptoms one year after the occurrence of the rupture, among the symptoms reported are included: changes on shape and size of breasts, the emergence of prominences under the skin or on the surface, and a burning pain is also characteristic of implants rupture. Many surgeons consider that silicon is “perfectly safe”, nevertheless experts who have read the reports of implants ruptures according to clinical investigations, consider that a broken implant should be removed as soon as possible, especially if there is a leak.

Problematic areas can be easily detected by surgeon with the help of MRI, avoiding another leak while the implant gets removed during surgery. Removing the broken implants immediately decreases de possibility of complications.

It is important that a very experienced plastic surgeon perform the surgical procedure, implants of silicon old or broken should be removed in blocks which means that implant should be fully removed with the capsule of scar tissue that surrounds it. This procedure is helpful to remove any leakage of gel coming from the broken implant and it also helps to remove the silicon and some other chemical elements which could have been filtered over the scar tissue.

Before having any surgical intervention is always imperative to be informed about the positive and negative repercussions, so health problems can be prevented.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

In very rare cases, women develop Toxic Shock Syndrome, a condition that implies serious health risks after a cosmetic surgery for increasing breast size. Symptoms include excessive diarrhea, fever, nausea, and dizziness. If you detect one of the signs or symptoms mentioned then talk to your doctor immediately.


It consists on the formation of dead tissue around the implant impeding the proper healing; a surgical correction and the extraction of the implant will be required. Necrosis also implies the danger of having permanent scars. Principal causes for this condition involve infections, smoking, radiation or chemotherapy, and hot or cold therapies.