Having beautiful breasts

Breasts are the female seduction weapon for excellency, this is the reason why is so important to take care of your breasts and fight tirelessly against their worst enemy: Gravity Law. Like any other part of the body, breasts skin also needs exfoliation each four or five days in order to renew the eroded cells which makes for the skin easier to absorb nutrient and moisturizer creams. Exercises are also a good resource to be employed to keep them steady; a good exercise consists on crossing your arms in front of you placing each hand over the opposite forearm and making pressure in a way that it makes breasts to shrink.

Showers that combine hot and cold water are recommended to tone breasts muscles. You should try them at least three times per week. Regarding the bra, it is very important to find one suitable for your breast size. You should check that the space between cups fits your body and rings do not generate inconveniences by pressing in your skin. On the other hand, if rings get to be too separated from your body then you need to pick up a bigger size. You can corroborate if you have found the right underwear: raise up your hands and if the bra does not raise up too it means that you have found a suitable size.

Bra should be steady but it should feel comfortable, it is recommended to have some space from the size of the weight of a finger between the elastic and your body. In order to stylize your silhouette, once you are wearing the bra your breasts should be placed at the same distance from your shoulders and your elbows. What is very important is that the elastic and the frame of the bra provide the right support to your breasts.

Do not take off your bra for sleeping; it is common to use loose nightdresses for sleeping time, the more you use a bra, the more you will be fighting against gravity.

A very good trick is to exfoliate the skin of the breasts during night time, and then moisturize them with a good portion of almond oil, after that use a bra made of cotton. Your skin will be hydrated during the night and so you will prevent the formation of streaks.

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