How to have firmer breasts and wear a sexy neckline

To wear a sexy neckline we should be prepared to face the inclemency of the pass of time by means of giving our breasts the necessary cares and having healthy habits. Since this part of female anatomy is the closest to the face, it is the center of attention and attracts gazes not only from men.

The most recommended against breasts fall is exercise; a fallen breast looks ugly on a daring neckline. You should be aware that breasts have three important components: adipose tissue, mammary gland and skin envelope.

To keep firmer the ensemble we should work on the pectoral muscle which is the only one providing support to breasts. A very beneficial exercise is swimming; you can practice it for 15 minutes each week, there are a couple of exercises that we suggest you in order to reinforce the pectoral muscles:

Stretching: take a sit and keep your back straight, raise an arm stretch it at the maximum, as much as you can. Meanwhile, the other side must remain relaxed, acting as a counterweight. Maintain this position for a few seconds and then repeat it with the other arm. You should make fifteen repetitions with each arm.

Using weights: using a weight of 1 Kg on each hand (if you don’t have one at home you can use handmade weights with bottles of water) stretch both arms right in front of you at your breasts height. Then cross your arms at the level of the wrists, and then alternate the movement at least fifteen times. Have some rest and then repeat the session once more.

Electrostimulation is an innovative and effective technique to restore steadiness to muscles on the chest zone, it works by means of the application of microcurrents, which mimic the optimal body bioelectrical rhythm when performing exercise. Another decisive factor to keep a balanced shape on breasts is choosing the right bra. Eighty percent of women use an incorrect size of bra. The dimensions of breasts change with the pass of time due to different hormonal changes, and women should be aware of this in order to pick the proper bra each time is required.

To determine the right size of the bra, you should take the measure of bust low contour in inches. If the measure is pair, for instance 30, then add to the result 4. If the measure is odd then you should add five to the result. The final result gives you the right size for the bra.

There are tips that can indicate if you are wearing the right bra or not. You should check if the bra shifts up on your back, if this happens it means that you are using a bigger size than the adequate for your chest cavity. Both, front and back side of your bra should be perfectly aligned in a horizontal position. If the seam or the elastic are injuring you it indicates that you are wearing a bigger size of bra.