Complications caused by breasts implant break

There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with at least one body part, in the case of women the body part that becomes the target of most of the critics is the bust. Women are always looking for to enhance their physical appearance, therefore one of the parts they look for to improve are breasts, with no place for doubt, they are the most striking part of female figure, but sometimes a desperate need could induce to desperate decisions.

For that reason, a lot of women have appealed to surgery in order to enhance not only the beauty of their breasts, but sometimes of the butt, to remove some fat from some places, and they have become victims of unprepared and unscrupulous people. There are plenty of stories of who have gone under the knife and didn’t live to tell, some of them are still alive for miracle but they have to leave every day with the bitter result of a bad choice.

If you are one of those women who are considering to have a surgery, then you should read the information listed below, you should be aware that instead of having an improvement you can destroy the few good things you still own.

Saline implants have been used very frequently without considering their tendency to deflate, it happens when the saline solution is filtered through a valve or a crack in the implant package. It is easy to note when the breast size starts to decrease or when the shape of the breast starts showing deformities. There is no way to know for sure when the implant is going to break, it could happen a few months after the surgery, or it could happen after several years have passed.

Causes for this condition may include damage caused by the surgical team during the intervention, also the implants may be too full, they could break in the presence of a Capsular contracture or due to an excessive physical effort. A way on which this condition can be prevented is by means of avoiding intense physical activity. Once the rupture takes place, a surgical intervention will be required to remove the implant.

There are patients who have reported as a side effect of surgery intense pain, mostly because of an inappropriate size of implant, due to a faulty positioning, a deficient surgery, or a Capsular contracture. If you are experiencing sharp pain you should visit the doctor immediately.

In simple terms, a hematoma is a blood clot inside any part of the body, and a seroma is a collection of serum. When you receive a mammary implant, you can experience any of these conditions around the implant after the cosmetic surgery. In any of both cases, an infection can be triggered accompanied with inflammation and pain. If the seroma or hematoma turns out to be big, then a surgical intervention will be required in order to clean and heal the lesion.