Breasts in eroticism

For the occidental culture, breasts constitute a symbol of femininity; they are very attractive for men and they own a very special erotic appeal. To keep them covered increases the erotic load, hide them behind a pledge or a wear displays a center of energy for sexual arousal.

Thus, for some women, breasts can become a powerful weapon of seduction and a passage for pleasure. A rounded shape can become an important source of eroticism for both woman and her partner.  Women are aware that if there is a part that receives more attention in female body, that is the bust, men love to look at them and recently they are claiming that watching them for at least ten minutes can provide them therapeutic benefits.

Breasts are attractive for men because they reflect vulnerability, intimacy and because they are aesthetically pleasing, clinical investigations about sexuality have revealed that the most important parameter that tells a man if the woman he is choosing (for reproductive purposes) is the right one, is how healthy and nice are the breasts of that particular woman.

Breasts have received a lot of attention trough history. In art, the painter Humberto Zaccarelli Sichel, which is an artist and academic in charge of professorship of aesthetics at the University of Uniacc, claims that from prehistoric periods comprised from 20 thousand to 30 thousand years before Christ, a man sculpted the first female figure on a stone. After that a lot of sculptures of female figure appeared, breasts acquired a mythical and magical meaning, they were responsible for feeding and providing milk.

On Greece can be found the firsts sculptures on which breasts are at plain sight, nothing to hide, thus they became a part of the fertility of women, since the main role of a woman on the ancient Greece was to procreate.

Masterpieces like “The Naked Maja” of Goya, on which her beautiful breasts are impossible to ignore, speak us about the beauty of female figure at rest. Rubens is another famous painter which dedicated his artistic qualities to stand out the voluptuous female figure, he did not have the concept of a thin woman as we have it today, and therefore he used to work with voluminous women with very big breasts. There are very few painters who have worked with the female figure without giving a lot of importance to breasts. On most of the paintings breasts can be found and depending of the context, they can represent anything for instance beauty, freedom or motherhood.

For many different reasons, breasts seem to be the center of astonishment on female figure, they are fundamental on the self-confidence of a woman precisely because our social environment is constantly remaining us their importance. On the other hand, before paying too much attention to breasts, a woman should be aware of how valuable she is as a person; beautiful breasts are not permanent, no matter how many surgeries she gets in order keep them beauty.