Breasts care during adolescence

Having to wear a bra could become a drama for a teenage girl, it is very important to know how to face this new stage which is so normal and logical on the transformation from being a girl into a woman. The beginning of puberty is pointed by some discomfort or pain right below the areola without an apparent cause, since most of the time it happens only to one breast it can provoke some concern on the young woman and become a reason for having a doctor’s appointment.

The most important thing in order to take a good care of breasts is to get to know how is developed the process of breasts growth. Mammary glands are organs of crucial importance, for an adolescent as for a woman. The main biological function of breasts is breastfeeding, but additionally they are distinctly feminine attribute. Thus the changes presented by breasts during adolescence can have great incidence during their development, whether they are pathological or aesthetic, they produce important repercussions on psychic field.

Although mammary glands are present on men and women with an identical composition, since the function developed by these glands will defer from one genre to another, in the case of man mammary glands remain in a rudimentary state.

Mammary glands are placed on the anterior and superior part of chest between the third and seventh rib over pectoral muscles. This is the reason why exercises which affect musculature improve the support of the breasts.

From the aesthetic point of view there are many factors influencing: harmony in reference to the weight and size of the adolescent, thorax constitution, pectoral muscles and of course body posture. Keeping the steadiness on breasts is the most difficult part given the great laxity of the ligaments own age. Some young women may experience alterations that can be prevented with simple cares. Skin must be kept hydrated to keep up its elasticity; otherwise stretch marks will be produced. Stretch Marks are lesions of the elastic fibbers which are observed on thinned skin.

For a proper hydration the application of creams rich on vitamin A is recommended, it should be done trough circular massages. Also direct sun for long periods of time should be avoided. An appropriate bra should be used from the moment that breasts are fully formed. At first it could be a little bit difficult to keep the bra in the correct position, but it is important for the young woman to learn to adapt the bra perfectly to the volume and shape of breasts, the bra should keep them on the right place without lifting or compressing or separating them.

The topic of breasts size is one of the most important among women, when girls start to develop breasts the first thing they think of is the size, but the same importance should be given to breasts cares, breasts of good size and appearance could become deteriorated in a few years without the proper care.