Breasts at the age of forties

Breasts shape and size are transformed not only with hormonal changes but also with the pass of time, it is important to point out that the skin of breasts ages as fast as the skin of face and neck because it has the heavy labor of supporting the mammary glands.

Breasts require special cares at any age, but past the age of forty is probably the stage on which breasts will require more attention. Many changes have taken place since adolescence, especially if a woman has had kids, for each pregnancy sudden changes of size have been suffered by breasts. The appearance of breasts at this age usually is flaccid and it starts loosing shape and volume.

Most women consider this age appropriate to have a surgery to recover the beauty of their breasts, but many risks and complications should be considered along with this decision. Surgery is not precisely the best option for enhancing the beauty of breasts, starting with the high costs that these involve, and because of the risks they imply.

As it happens with many surgical procedures, breast Implants are a potential source of postoperative complications such as redness, swelling, infections, pain and bleeding. One of the conditions generated by breasts implants is known as “Capsular contracture” on which the scar tissue or “capsule” formed around the implant tightens and applies pressure on the breast implant. This condition is very common when implant is placed between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscle, symptoms related to this condition can include from mild discomfort to severe pain, distortion of the shape becomes visible and sometimes is easy to see how the implant is moving inside the breast.

When the condition worsens an additional surgery will be required in order to replace or remove definitely the implant, depending on the health of the patient. Also, there are no guaranties for the patient of not suffering this condition after the additional surgery. There is no much the patient can do in order to prevent this complication since there is always the possibility of contamination during the insertion of the implant, also another cause for this condition is the development of fluids around the implant (phenomenon known with the name of seroma) and also there is the possibility of internal bleeding (hematoma). Also some lifestyle factors like smoking could trigger this condition.

Considering the complications carried by a surgery, new solutions have been developed in order to restore the self confidence of woman. Many women are looking for to improve their physical appearance, and there are studies which show that a breast size augment has increased the self confidence level in many women.

Among the natural solutions available on the market, there is an especial product which has been especially formulated with natural ingredients and which counts with the approval of the FDA. This product has the name of Breast Actives; it has been clinically tested corroborating the effectiveness and safety of this treatment.