Breasts and water

Internal Hydration

Water is the most important component of human body; let’s remember that 75 percent of our body is composed of water. For breasts water is a very important element since it provides health and beauty because of its firming and moisturizing properties.

Water has many important functions inside human body, among others it works as a vehicle which aids to control body temperature, water also carries oxygen and nutrients to each cell of the body; it eliminates toxins and protects organs and body tissue.

It is important to point out that the amount of water that each person needs depends of the bodyweight, ambient temperature and physical activity of the individual. However a woman needs in average at least from two to three litters of water each day in order to maintain a hydric balance.

If a woman has as part of her daily schedule an exercise routine then more water will be required in order to restore the fluids that are lost during physical activity. During pregnancy and breastfeeding periods a woman should ingest even more water since during pregnancy everything a woman consumes goes for two, and during breastfeeding, the production of milk is possible thanks to the body fluid reservoir.

Water does not integrate heating values, there is the belief that water makes possible to lose some weight, that hot water can “dissolve body fat”, but those beliefs are not true, the most important function of water on the organism is to hydrate it and each one of its components. Although we may not be aware, we are constantly losing liquids through urine, sweat and breath.

Mineral water, natural fruit juices and herbal infusions are very good sources for hydration, although nothing can completely substitute the ingestion of crystalline and purified water.

General recommendations

Below are listed some good practices which are necessary in order to keep your body hydrated, remember that breasts depend of the reservoirs of water of your body, the more liquid you consume, the more hydrated your skin and each body part will be.

  • Drink water in large quantities to maintaining good overall health, it must be one hundred percent purified water with very low levels of inorganic salts, do not replace pure water with sodas or artificial drinks, instead of hydrating your body with them you will be damaging important organs.
  • Drink a glass of water each morning before breakfast, it will remove toxins and it will hydrate you immediately.
  • Do not wait until you feel thirsty to drink a glass of water, when it happens dehydration process has already started and by that time you have probably lost 500 ml or more of body liquids, it is imperative to keep your body hydrated all the time.
  • If you like coffee, alcohol or tea you can drink them but with moderation, these liquids work as diuretics, it means they promote to lose of liquids and body dehydration.
  • Take a glass of water for each cup of tea, coffee or wine you ingest.